Rocca Degli Orsini

Photography of Orsini Castle in Sorano
Sorano: Orsini Castle

Rocca degli Orsini (Orsini castle), built in the 14th century but totally renovated by Niccolò IV Orsini in 1552. It is considered one of the most important examples of Renaissance military architecture. It has two massive angular bastions, connected by a line of walls with the main gate, which is surmounted by a noteworthy coat of arms and by a square tower. In the interior of the walls are remains of the ancient nucleus, with a round tower and the draw-bridge, now disappeared. A cycle of 16th-century frescoes of Sienese school have been recently found out.

Photography of Masso Leopoldino in Sorano
Sorano: Masso Leopoldino

Masso Leopoldino

Masso Leopoldino, a natural tuff stone carved to form a fortified, panoramic terrace by order of Gran Duke Leopold.


Vitozza cave settlement and fortress.